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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House in Miami This Summer

Late spring has traditionally been the best time to sell your house, but summer’s a good time too. School’s out, the weather is nice, and buyers are out and looking. There are also some very good market and economic reasons why summer is a good time to sell. Let’s focus on the top 4 reasons why you should sell your house in Miami this summer.

1. Strong Demand and Less Competition

One excellent reason why you should sell your house in Miami this summer is the strong demand coupled with less competition.

Despite market setbacks like COVID-19, demand in real estate remains very strong. It’s so strong, in fact, that inventory is still low – there just aren’t enough homes on the market to meet the demand. This means that you’ll be selling in a seller’s market, and your chances of getting a good price and selling quickly will be very good this summer.

In addition, you’ll be facing less competition than you formerly would have. Many homeowners are reluctant to sell and move because (owing to the low inventory we just mentioned) they fear not being able to find a home to move into. But this is slowly beginning to change, which makes this summer a great time to sell your house in Miami before you lose this competitive advantage.

2. Faster Closings Now

Another reason you should sell your house in Miami this summer is that the process is going fairly quickly and you’ll be able to close faster. Having a trusted real estate advisor will make this process even faster and easier.

Most buyers now are getting pre-approved, and so they know exactly what they can afford. This makes them smarter home shoppers, as well as expediting the whole process. You won’t have to wait around for a buyer to get financing.

Traditionally, it has taken sellers around 45 days to complete a home sale and close. But closing times have decreased some. So, again, you don’t want to wait around and miss the opportunity to get to the closing table sooner.

3. Motivated Buyers and More Showings

This summer is also a great time to sell your house in Miami because buyers will be motivated. Typically, buyers have more urgency to buy during the summer. They may have missed a good opportunity during the spring, and they definitely want to close and start moving before the weather turns. In addition, certain buyers may want to be settled before school starts up again.

During summer, the weather is nice, and there are more hours of daylight. This means you’ll likely get more showings if you list your house this summer. And when you show your house more often, you have more opportunities to get an offer and make a sale.

Your Miami agent can help you leverage these two phenomena to your best advantage. To discover more, just call 305.771.1710.

4. The Best Time to Move

Most people move between Memorial Day and Labor Day because that’s the most convenient time to move. It is simply the best time in the year to take on that dreaded and onerous task of moving.

School is out and kids’ activities have decreased, the spring rains are past, and the pace of life slows down. Summertime provides the best weather and the most convenience for moving. This means that you should sell your Miami house this summer because you’ll then be able to move at the best time possible.

Sell Your House in Miami With a Local Agent

Even though summer offers several advantages for selling your house, getting the best deal still takes some savvy marketing and skilled negotiating. That’s why most sellers need the services of an experienced local agent to cash in on the benefits of summer selling. So if you plan to sell your house Miami this summer, contact us today at 305.771.1710.

Ashley Garritson, REALTOR®

Ashley is a member of The Keyes Company. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s at Northwestern University and earned her Doctorate at the University of Miami. Ashley is a member of The National Association of Realtors, and resides in Miami, FL with her husband, Derek Gelber.

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