5 Unique Real Estate Investment Ideas for Buyers in Miami

Ideas for real estate investments are limitless, and real estate purchases can be exciting for investors. However, it takes more than getting a good feeling about a property. Due diligence and skillful property management combine to build a healthy real estate portfolio. Diversifying into different sectors as you master each also helps build security against downturns in any single real estate sector. Taking these steps as early as possible in your life will increase your potential overall wealth; real estate time has proven to increase value, and the sooner you begin, the better. Because rental rates keep pace with inflation, you’ll be ensuring a bright tomorrow through your golden years.

Strategizing with a trusted friend or family member with investments or an experienced professional real estate investor who can help you explore all options and zero in on your target quickly is helpful. Read on as we explore five unique real estate investment ideas for buyers in Miami. 

Residential Rentals

Residential rentals make an excellent real estate investment for buyers in Miami; housing is always in demand. There are many routes available for financing for buyers who don’t quite have all of their financial ducks in a row. Multi-family properties offer the additional money-saving option of house hacking or living in one unit to offset your housing costs, allowing others to rent to pay your mortgage and earn an income. Working with knowledgeable local professional buyers like those at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR® can help you explore possible financing alternatives and find the right investment properties for your budget.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are affordable real estate investments for buyers in Miami that offer many options. Professional buyers like those at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR® can help you explore mobile homes, from an investment in a single unit or you’re ready to own the entire park.  Mobile home parks carry relatively low maintenance requirements, while the residents rent the lot yet own their mobile home, therefore carrying the burden of maintaining their units.


Purchasing properties that need improvements or total rehabilitation and then flipping them to hold and rent, or sell quickly for a fast cash influx, make an excellent real estate investment for buyers in Miami. Professional buyers like those at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR® can help you run the numbers and ensure you’re getting a great deal. Professional buyers at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR®know the red flags to watch for in distressed properties to help you avoid making rookie errors, saving you thousands of dollars and wasting time.


Undeveloped land offers a virtual myriad of real estate investment ideas for buyers in Miami. You could leave the land undeveloped if located near high traffic, rent to seasonal vendors, subdivide and sell larger parcels, or create a housing development or mobile home park. Many investors find a way to combine their career field or other business with their real estate investments and develop the land into a property that will serve both purposes. Professional buyers like those at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR® have the experience it takes to make sound investments in land and follow all procedures, avoiding costly problems down the road with environmental or other issues.

Ashley Garritson, REALTOR®

Why not avail yourself of the resource of real estate investment ideas for buyers in Miami investors like you can find with the professional buyers at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR®? At Ashley Garritson, REALTOR®, we’re your neighbors who live and work alongside you here in Miami. The professional buyers at Ashley Garritson, REALTOR® are investors who built a career on Miami investment properties and became a professional to help investors like you. Our professional buyers handle everything with a full-service in-house team, making investing easy. Call Ashley Garritson, REALTOR® at 305.771.1710.

Ashley Garritson, REALTOR®

Ashley is a member of The Keyes Company. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s at Northwestern University and earned her Doctorate at the University of Miami. Ashley is a member of The National Association of Realtors, and resides in Miami, FL with her husband, Derek Gelber.

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